Monday, August 15, 2011

FOUND! "Beautiful" Magazine in the UK

More reasons to LOVE the United Kingdom! I just found out that there will be a new issue of a glossy fashion mag hitting the shelves at your local Tesco this month called, Beautiful.
It is my latest obsession! I just purchased my first issue and can not wait to get it! I wish that the United States was so open minded to publish a magazine that has such bold guidelines as these:

"Sue Thomason says: "If you look at the cover of the average women's magazine, dieting and weight loss are mentioned about eight times. These are not lifestyle magazines, they're diet industry advertisements. Beautiful is different.”

Beautiful magazine...
  • Only publishes images of models who are size 12 and over.
  • Does not insult our readers with diet and weight loss advice.
  • Celebrates beauty and diversity and does not use image manipulation to make models look thinner.
  • Bans adverts that are harmful to self esteem.
  • Dedicated to building self worth from cover to cover.
  • Reports on the latest research into the effects of the media on women, including our relationship with ourselves, our relationships and our bodies.
  • Presents exciting ideas, news with substance for smart and sassy women
  • Showcases fashion that is both sexy and accessable for all. Your body. Your Style.
Editor Sue Thomason says:“At Beautiful we are a magazine for real women, to us this means Beautiful is for ALL women, thin, fat, tall, petite, athletic, curvy.”

Sue Thomason, We at FoxyRoxy salute you! Thank you from your new fans in New York City! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Foxy Roxy's Top Ten Women

Recently we have thankfully been seeing curvy celebs but it seems like with every new one you see another buckles to the pressure to become the Hollywood ideal, even when a smaller dress size doesn't suit her frame. Case in point, Jennifer Hudson. We here ar FoxyRoxy feel that she should have kept on a few pounds in order to keep her natural curves. Though still pretty, she just looks a little odd post Weight Watchers. This goes for you too, Kelly Osbourne, Jordin Sparks and America Ferrera. Still awesome gorgeous women but, why the sudden weight loss?

So we have compiled a list of celebs rocking the red carpet in something over a size 10. What's more is that the following ladies are fabulous first, and fat second. I hate when plus ladies get pigeonholed only to play "the fat friend" or make a career out of poking fun at her size. The best is when size takes a backseat to how awesome they are. 
Here are our picks. What do YOU think of this list? Comment below. 

1. Adele 
She can sing. She can dress. She can charm the press and peers alike. She can win Grammys writing about the losers who broke her heart. Sucks to be those guys, because she is one of the most successful women in music. All hail Adele!

2. Mia Tyler  
She may be known as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith's daughter or Liv's sister, but we like to think of her as the rock and roll princess that turned plus-size modeling around. She's married rockers, graced the cover of magazines and even had the guts to pose nude. Rock on! 

3. Amber Riley  
She holds her own next to the rest of America's sweethearts on Glee and shows up with the trediest styles on the red carpet. 

4. Brooke Elliot 
On Drop Dead Gorgeous, she at first played a character that was all about her size, but now her character has developed into a sassy, smart woman who runs it! And she even gets the sexy lead!! Finally!! I hate it when shows always have the plus size women with the fat men playing opposite them but every shlubby/fat male character on TV or Apatow movies gets the skinny supermodel love interest. Boooooo! Plus size women can date the model types, too! Trust me, I know from experience. ;) 

5. Beth Ditto  
She has been lampooned for "glorifying" the unhealthy side of plus size, but as far as I know her health is fine. She rocks as a lead singer and doesn't give an F what people think. A true rocker. Surprisingly enough, she became a darling of the fashion industry when designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gautier finally realized that fashion and awesomeness comes in all sizes and put Ditto on the runway! 

6. Sara Ramirez 
She was the sexy Dr Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy and though she, much like our next entry, are not really "plus" size they sure throw Hollywood a few curves that they normally can't handle!

7. Cristina Hendricks  
Driving Men Mad as well as all of Hollywood that can't stop talking about her voluptuous good looks

8. Queen Latifah 
I don't mean to put her so far down the list because she is incredible, but she has been applauded as a famous full figured vixen for years. I wanted to make way for the newbies.

9. Christina Schmidt
There are many plus size model/actresses out there but we picked this fresh face from Canadian fashion spreads and such shows as Degrassi. She is gorgeous and actually looks plus-sized instead of tall model who are just hot but since they over 110 lbs, they are considered plus-size though looking thinner than most average women. Christina is so stunning and we are glad we came across her!

10. La Cholita 
Few things are as awesome as a curvy woman who is so comfortable with her body that she makes her money and fame as a burlesque star. I once read about her in a magazine and ever since I found her look, style and confidence to be so incredible. Viva La Cholita! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet FoxyRoxy FashionPlate: Elizabeth Claire Taylor

No, not that actress. THIS actress is young, gorgeous, fab and living in NYC. Her show "Finding Elizabeth Taylor" has won awards and has even been featured in The New York Times !
After one glance at Ms. Taylor you will forget all about White Diamonds and understand why I had to choose her as this month's FashionPlate!
Name: Elizabeth Claire Taylor
Hometown: Long Beach, California
Occupation: Actor and Plus-Size Model

  1. What is one item of clothing you would never part with?
    An extra wide brown leather belt I got at H&M – it's a size medium but I make it work. I went to half a dozen other H&M's to find a size large but they were all gone. Don't me started on H&M and their lack of larger sizes. It kills me. Kills me! And for the bonus round, it would be black high-waisted capri pants from Pinup Girl Clothing. I wear them with everything! Very flattering for plus ladies.

  1. What is your biggest fashion splurge ever?
I'm currently into vintage estate jewelry. I've been dropping some major $$$ on building a fabulous collection that I can basically wear every day. My jeweler,, taught me all about what pieces work with me and how my bodacious bust line makes the best shelf to display jewels that money can buy. He's hilarious! But I've totally gotten into the whole vintage world and recently bought 2 gorgeous 1950's hats in the Hamptons. “Toppers” with a ton of silk flowers. They will kill!

  1. When do you feel your sexiest?
    Well, I have a whole nightly routine that involves Shea butter. I steer clear of anything that has mineral oil or alcohol base. So I basically slather my whole body in Shea butter and cuddle up in bed (once I've dried!) to a good book. I'm currently reading “Furious Love” about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I sleep in the nude and feel rather sexy in just my Shea butter with my book. And in the morning, I love laying in bed – still hanging onto a wonderful dream – and just being alone with myself. I have found myself saying “I'm sorry” to my body for all of the drama that I heaped on it while I was deep in an eating disorder – so I am very conscious of being grateful and tender with it!

  1. What is your morning beauty routine?
Hahah! This is already funny because – I'm always running LATE! But it tends to go like this: after lulling in bed for 15 minutes, I hop out, say a quick prayer in front of my altar, rub the rest of the Shea butter into my face and run to the little girls room. Then I check the status of my eye-make up and clean up with MAC wipes – I'm a total MAC make-up fanatic.

When I first started modeling, I thought I could just go to appointments without eating breakfast – just like college, right? Uh, no. I quickly realized I had to eat at least SOMETHING with protein before I head out. So I usually fry up some egg whites with fake bacon (I'm a veg for 20 years) and toss an iced coffee together in a re-used plastic cup (I hate to waste them).

The best part of my morning is picking out what jewelry to wear! Sometimes I do start with the jewels and work the outfit in, but on days that I have auditions, agent meetings, etc – I have a specific outfit I want to wear and I then pick the jewels to go with it. Finally, I make sure my ipod is charged (can't live without it!) and do a mad search for my Metrocard and wallet. If I haven't had to go back up my stairs for an umbrella, then I'm all good to hit the streets!
  1. 5 things you’d take on a deserted island:
Ipod, MAC Blacktrack eyeliner gel and #263 brush, Shea butter, lavender oil, and Benecio Del Toro.

  1. Biggest fashionista moment? (i.e. a red carpet event, meeting a style icon, shopping spree, photo shoots, etc.)
Wellllll, I did just have a mega fashion event where I won Outstanding Overall Solo Show at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity awards ceremony for my solo show, FINDING ELIZABETH TAYLOR. I wore a $27.99 red dress that I got at my favorite plus store in LA (Mode Plus!) with a ton of rhinestone jewelry and some Aldo suede heels – I felt like a million bucks on the red carpet and when giving my acceptance speech. I then took that outfit to Grand Central a few days later and my photographer and I shot it at midnight when all the crowds had died down – it was major!!!

  1. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, dance anthem that can be cranked up and brighten any mood. What’s yours?
LCD Soundsystem, “Dance Yrself Clean” and the entire “Feed The Animals” album by Girl Talk.

  1. If you could have a cocktail with any woman, alive or dead, who would she be?
(LOVE this question!) Gin and tonics with Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks – and she is very much alive and well!

  1. Sadly, the obsession over body image is everywhere these days and being over a size 12 can be hard for many young women to deal with. What advice would you give to these girls?
I can say this with all my heart: when I was dieting and hating myself and praying every night that I would wake up a size 8, I never thought in a million years that I would be making my living as a plus-size model. DON'T HATE YOURSELF. Buy plus size clothes at and and at Forever 21's plus section. Join the plus size revolution! Our society wants us to all look the same – be a rebel by standing out and being yourself. Each body is beautiful and worthy of respect and love. Start by loving yours. And NO negative body talk! It's toxic.
  1. To you, “Foxy” means…
When you stop listening to the bullshit and start listening to your heart.