Monday, August 15, 2011

FOUND! "Beautiful" Magazine in the UK

More reasons to LOVE the United Kingdom! I just found out that there will be a new issue of a glossy fashion mag hitting the shelves at your local Tesco this month called, Beautiful.
It is my latest obsession! I just purchased my first issue and can not wait to get it! I wish that the United States was so open minded to publish a magazine that has such bold guidelines as these:

"Sue Thomason says: "If you look at the cover of the average women's magazine, dieting and weight loss are mentioned about eight times. These are not lifestyle magazines, they're diet industry advertisements. Beautiful is different.”

Beautiful magazine...
  • Only publishes images of models who are size 12 and over.
  • Does not insult our readers with diet and weight loss advice.
  • Celebrates beauty and diversity and does not use image manipulation to make models look thinner.
  • Bans adverts that are harmful to self esteem.
  • Dedicated to building self worth from cover to cover.
  • Reports on the latest research into the effects of the media on women, including our relationship with ourselves, our relationships and our bodies.
  • Presents exciting ideas, news with substance for smart and sassy women
  • Showcases fashion that is both sexy and accessable for all. Your body. Your Style.
Editor Sue Thomason says:“At Beautiful we are a magazine for real women, to us this means Beautiful is for ALL women, thin, fat, tall, petite, athletic, curvy.”

Sue Thomason, We at FoxyRoxy salute you! Thank you from your new fans in New York City! 

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