Friday, January 28, 2011

High Street Haul: UK fashion finds

The average American woman is a size 16, but somehow in a bizarre self-loathing retail society the average store only carries up to a size 12 and our fit models are smaller than ever here. England on the other hand understands that fashion is for all women. More high street stores and couture shops carry larger sizes than any place in the States. This is why I always prepare myself to spend a lot of time shopping when I am overseas. 
First stop is always Monsoon. As you may have realized from this blog, I have a bit of an obsession with dresses. It's an instant outfit, sexy, slimming and can be professional or fun. Monsoon always has a terrific selection of dresses and separates that are trendy and unique from size 2 to 22 (UK22=US 18/20) 
I bought a few "Mad Men" inspired shift dresses since they fit so sexily and not boxy. Here is one of the more glam shifts I got for roughly $90.  I also got a red gown for only £20 on sale with grey beaded necklace piece that drapes like a dream. Now all I need is an occasion for this. The dress below is amazingly Blondie-esque and has a lot more use in my daily life. 

Now on to Evans. UK's answer to Lane Bryant but much, much cuter! Though I loved a lot of the muted modern tones and military inspired items, I opted just to spend cash on something more rare. Sexy shapewear! Functional and flirty together at last! After which I went to New Look for cheap and trendy sweaters, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Karen Millen for some upscale looks and Primark for as many pairs of lace tights as I could get my hands on.
 I love London!! 

But I also love Leeds! My friend was taking me around the beautiful arcade shopping district in leeds when I stumbled across Rose & Co. with cute bath items on the first floor and retro pin-up clothing in the basement. With great looks from Stop Staring and Bettie Page Clothing. Sadly I didn't have enough room in my suitcase for crenoline skirts and circle dresses but I did get one cute dress. 

I will be back for the summer sales and at this rate I will need a bigger closet. I just can't help myself!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beauty Review: Minx nails and Lash extensions. Get Gaga-worthy for under $75.

I have seen people like Katy Perry and Rihanna sporting insane manicure with mirror-like shine, crazy prints and bedazzling. As a life-long fan of acrylic nails with cheesy airbrushing, jewels, charms, you-name-it, I was really excited to check out this new "Minx Manicure". I got a Lifebooker Loot discount certificate for this service assuming that the full price would be far too expensive. Turns out that full price  for a Minx Pedicure is only $50, which if you are used to acrylic and/or NYC prices, is affordable. They last TWICE as long as a normal pedicure so it evens out price wise. 

Out of the over 200 patterns/flags to choose from, I went with the mirror-gold cheetah print like the one above. It was a surprisingly simple process. They warm up the Minx nail decals under a light, stretch it over my nail and then cut it to fit. It doesn't peel, crack or smudge. No drying necessary. 
The only thing I was disappointed with is the fact that I couldn't get Minx on my hands. Minx is only for natural nails and I have acrylics. 
Get yours now. Find a salon that carries Minx here.

JJ Eyelash Extensions - Buy your Bedroom eyes here.
I thought that these mascara ad-like lashes are too good to be true. I was also worried about the concept of glue so close to my eyes. I have to say though these are worth every penny. I may be addicted to this now. For $75, you get a full set of natural-looking individual lashes applied available in a variety of lengths and 2 curl styles. I chose the C-curve pictured here but in a slightly shorter length because I thought the J-curve would be too straight. They cloth tape your bottom lashes down so they don't get stuck which is sort of annoying but glue never touches your skin, there is no odor and nothing uncomfortable. 
I love them!!
 They are so perfect and naturally sexy. Everyone noticed that something about my eyes looked great but no one thought I was wearing fake lashes. 
These last 2 weeks until you need to go back to get a refill which is only around $45. 

Celebrity tricks at affordable prices! Now you can look even more like a rock star than you already do. So Foxy!!! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cool looks for Cool Britannia

Happy New Year everyone! 2011 is off to a great -yet hectic- start. Also, it is my favorite month- January. Not only because it's a calmer version of the holiday months, but it is also my birth month. I am on my way to London to visit friends and celebrate in my favorite place!
So I gathered all of my birthday coupons mailed to me from my fave stores and grabbed a few super-cute finds for my UK trip.
First off I found a Wild Pair shoes, who I thought were out of business. I then found the most fabulous new shoes with high enough platform to actually be comfortable. They are so high-fashion ooking that I couldn't believe that they were under $100. Check these out!
I think the cutest new item is the faux-leather drape front studded jacket from Torrid. (I bought the white one) It's a little 80's, but the cut makes it more chic than the standard motorcycle jacket. After I bought it actually, I read in Cosmo that studded cropped leathers are the hot trend for 2011.  I was also surprised to find that I loved their satin floral dress. It was figure-flattering with hidden pockets but the best part is that the corset hook-n-eye-top makes it edgier. The pics are low-quality so check it out here.

I also got quite a haul of lace or patterned tights, some glam new Nars lipglosses and a kiss me it's my birthday pin. London, watch out!
Stay tuned for my fashion report from across the pond!