Monday, December 19, 2011

We LOVE Betsey Johnson!

Ohhhh Betsey Johnson. How I have loved her stores since I was in high school. What's not to love? Cheetah prints! Sparkles! Cool colors! Skulls! Rocker-meets-girly looks! 
Until January 9th, girls in NYC can have fun in Betsey Johnson's pop-up gift shop at The Plaza Hotel retail center, complete with all the coolest accessories and bags just in time for the holidays!  

Bow Earrings, $50
I wish I could get some of this stuff for myself but 'tis the season to GIVE, but if I don't get anything cool this Christmas I won't feel too bad treating myself to a little something special! Look at how hot these pieces are...and affordable too!! (well except for my ULTIMATE lust item...the diamond lightning bolt earrings...just too decadent to justify buying for myself but...I am drooling over them!)
Sequin Cheetah Bow Clutch, $51

Gold and Diamond Lightning Bolts, $360
Floral Wristlet, $88

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The sexiest way to stay in "shape"

My newest obsession !
This is phenomenal! Sexy shapewear to wear under all kinds of necklines.

Tis the season for eating seconds and drinking a lot so we will need all the shapewear help we can get to keep it all looking sleek under those New Year's dresses.

My absolute favorite has to be the one-shoulder bodysuit. I have never seen a shaper that smoothes, supports, has pretty lace AND can be worn under all the trendiest one-shoulder tops. I HATE strapless bras a girl with an DDD/F-cup so this may just solve my problems!
At over $150, these gorgeous pieces are pricey but hey if you would invest in a special occasion gown, why not special occasion lingerie, right? And these pieces can be worn under something casual, formal or just by itself with someone special!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Limited Launches plus line, Eloquii

Introducing Eloquii:

Finally, The Limited will be offering their reliable, everyday wear to the over 12+ set. Expect a lot of clean lines, work appropriate separates and a lot of quality. It is not fresh or daring enough to get a full Foxy Roxy endorsement, but if you are looking for a new alternative foe the Lane Bryant staples check this out!
I ordered a couple of pieces and will give you a full report once they arrive. I hope they don;t run as small as I heard about....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite Things

With the holidays coming up and glittering Chirstmas decorations everywhere you look, I became inspired to compile a "few of our favorite things" that I will either treat myself to or hope someone else has on their gift list for me.  (If you are a plus-size fox on my Xmas list you may be receiving some of my fave things!)

If you have read ANY number of my blog posts, this does not come as a shock. I usually swoon over dresses that fit and flatter, but as soon as I saw this David Meister stunner at Saks, I started to drool. Accentuates a smokin' hot hourglass and hides flaws. The luxe fabric and sequins make this dress a triple-threat on my lust list!!

David Meister, Sequin Dress, $568, Saks Fifth Avenue
 The best thing about the holiday party season is the uptick in dressing up. That means more dresses, shimmer and glam. Leading me to my next few items on the list...

Glam handbags!
A statement bag is all a girl needs to look and feel fabulous during a season too snowy for sexy heels. When you are covered up in your standard winter coat and hat, at least a bold bag will let your personality shine!

 Coach, "Poppy" dark blue sequin bags, $579 (smaller ones for under $200)

Betsey Johnson, Purple Rose bag, $148

Shiny Objects!
In the spirit of all of the decorations, twinkle lights and gleaming ice, I crave all things shiny during Christmastime. Though one day I hope to get myself that 6-carat yellow-diamond ring  in the store window in my building, I am more than satisfied with cheap bling like these! :)

Juicy Couture, rhinestone hoop earrings, $58, Von Maur

Seriously just search "Sequin" on sites like Old Navy and Target to score some cheap, festive gear to make you look more exciting than what's under the tree.  Even the sparkly pillows are cool!

Rock 'n' Roll!
Most know that I am obsessed with music and collect old records. I would love to get a rare bootleg, memorbelia or box set of some of my favorite artists, but if you are shopping for a music lover and are not sure what bands she is into, I say go for a set of record frames. It will create sassy decor for all the rockers on your list who had no way to display her fave collectibles. Studded punk-rock jewelry works too!

BCBGeneration, "Indie Spirit" gold ring, $22

Shimmery eyeshadows and glittering glosses are always a good gift for any gal on your list. Stumped on what shades to go for? Get her a Sephora gift card! It's like the gift that will make her happy twice - once when she opens it and then when she has the fun of going shopping!
Tarte Best Sellers gift set, $25,
Speaking of gift certificate....

Spa Treatments!
There is nothing more luxurious and incredible than a massage. Spa Finder is the BEST place to get get gift cards from since the gift recipient can search 1,000s of spas in her area and find a place that suits her desires. Coupled up? Get a massages side-by-side for a couples day of indulgence.

Champagne and Flute set, $84,
Ok so to me Jack Daniels is just as useful to me as a pricey bottle of Dom, since they both create a party, but for a gift a bottle of bubbly or a nice scotch is decadent and gift-worthy.
As a 40F bra size, it is pretty hard to find sexy lingerie that fits, but Frederick's of Hollywood, the original purveyor of sexy wares, has a great selection of plus-size panties and slips with leather or lace.
"Katherine" chemise, $26, Fredericks of Hollywood

Simone Perele Luxury Lace Lingerie, $99 bra

Leopard print!
Few things are as bold or foxy. We at Foxy Roxy don't care what it is, it is better in leopard!!
Leopard flats,

L'objet Leopard champagne-scented candle, $95, Neiman Marcus

Luxe Fabrics!
There is nothing like plush velvets and soft silks to make you feel like hotter than ever, even in a cold winter. I love this holiday-perfect wine colored wrap top, that will cover big arms and highlight your cleavage. 

Anna Scholz, Velvet Top, $235, Saks Fifth Avenue

Have a foxy, fabulous, winter holiday season!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Treats for all us plus-size tricks

Queen of Darkness, $47
Betty Boop, $57.99
 (can also be used as a base dress for Jessica Rabbit, Prom Queens, etc.)

Every Halloween I think of the hilarious Girls' Costume Warehouse fake commercial that pokes fun at the fact that all all costumes these days are sexy fill-in-the-blank! (Sexy fireman, sexy cop, sexy mustard...)

Sure we can create our own costumes based off our favorite dresses or a kimono, but as cheesy as it is, sometimes we just want to take part in the fun of going to your local halloween superstore and just getting a costume in a bag off the rack. Sadly, most of these costumes are made for anorexic preteens or if they are made for plus size they may not be that great for our body types. Also, some companies like Playboy make "plus" costumes but they only fit a 14/16.

Not to worry, FoxyRoxy is bringing you a round up of the coolest costumes that will fit, flatter and make you stand out!  So we are taking this challenge to the web and will give you our fave picks that aren't too skimpy, too frumpy or with those poufy sleeves that make thick arms look thicker.

"Knockout" Boxer, $56.99

"Ship Shape" Sailor, $64.99

From :

Cleopatra, $62.95

Twister, $24.95

Dark Alice, $49.95

Buccaneer Beauty, $37

Lady Maverick, $31.95
Rebel School Girl, $34.95


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hot Damn! Monif C's Holiday Line

I know it seems a little early to be thinking of holiday glitz and glam, but for it's never too early to drool over it.  You may be thinking, "When do I need a dress this formal?" or "I already own enough dresses." Nonsense!!
When you find something luxurious and sexy, get it while you can because you may never find something like it again. Admittedly, I have a problem. I am a dress-a-holic. I own more than I know what to do with but that never seems to stop me. If I find one that looks incredible, I get it and sometime even throw a black tie party for New Years in order to revel in that glamour. Holiday dressing with rich fabrics, long lengths, and sequins will make you feel undeniably special and that, my foxy ladies, is priceless.

 Monif C unveiled their Sex and The City inspired holiday cocktail dresses today and it made me swoon enough to maybe pre-order something. I also loved the way Monif C displays the collection. This model in the sequin dress signifies everything I am trying to accomplish with Foxy Roxy: a strong, sexy, diva, glamazon attitude no matter what the scale says.  Named after Samantha Jones, it embodies her signature "F**k you, I'm Fabulous!" persona.

"Samantha" sequin dress, $268
"Miranda", $208
The asymmetrical-hem and V-neck of the "Miranda" gown will show a peek of sexy leg while still being bra-friendly. I love the shape of this gown so much that I think I have to get it and maybe find ways to dress it down with a wide belt and boots.

The "Carrie" dress is awesome and reminds me of her famous "corsage" dress from the first movie poster. Sadly, I rarely look good in ruffles but I am going to go try it on. The one-strap on the side, again, means bra-friendly and a tulip skirt will cover any damage those holiday meals did to your waistline.

Last but not least is the "Charlotte" dress. It is exactly what you'd want from Charlotte York. Classic and sophisticated, but when you fill it out with your sexy curves, it turns into pin-up-meets-Park Avenue. A wonderful combo for corporate holiday parties or grown-up dates at Lincoln Center with your man.
"Charlotte", $238
"Carrie", $228
 Thank you Monif C for bringing us fashion-crazed curvy chicks some silver-screen Sex and The City style! What a luscious line!! Bravo!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our New Obsession: SLINK Magazine

Just as I was working on my upcoming piece on luxury fall fashion, I stumbled across a new magazine that has all the couture and lust-worthy brands as Vogue but is geared towards US!! What a surprise! This is incredible.

Finally an online mag that has the same mission as my blog. Haute Couture for the 12+ set.
I may spend all nigh pouting over their site, browsing reviews of the couture runway shows and better yet ogle the sleek, chic high fashion photo spreads where I know everything will fit.

Click here for the latest issue of Slink Magazine  or go to for the whole experience.
Start swooning...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Size 20 UK reality TV star in a monokini...and the press likes it?!

Once again, here we are back again on recurring Foxy Roxy topic: Why is the UK so much more accepting about plus-size females than the US?!
They best thing is that women over a US size 12 (UK 14) aren't event considered plus size. They are just considered as chicks. In my experience, you are either hot or not in the eyes of the Brits, size isn't discussed.
British reality star Gemma Collins was recently snapped on holiday sporting a revealing monokini, and the press has been applauding her 20lb weight loss and encourage her by referring to her as "slimmed-down". In this country, people would be outraged and this reality star would be lampooned all the way into an eating disorder.
Good for her! I applaud the fact that she is confident enough to go out on holiday in front of paparazzi in a skimpy suit and not covering herself in a tarp. I also applaud and understand the desire to lose pounds but not your curves. The fact that she wants to get to a size 12 and STOP, i think sets a healthy and realistic standard. All too often to celebs become skinny-obsessed after one unflattering picture and don;t know when to stop.
Tabloids have called her new figure "sexy"!! She is sexy, though, I don;t think monokinis look good on anyone and would have chosen a more supportive suit. But cheers to her for rocking it!
WOW!! I am impressed with you British tabloids and reality TV. Bravo! Check out the Daily Mail's Article here 

On this side of the Pond we are on the heels of the massive scandal of American Apparel's XL Model search, claiming that the zaftiq winner Nancy Upton "wasn't their demographic" and somehow defining plus-size girls as a weird sub-category of woman who is no larger than a 12 and can take pics of her "backing up her junk" in spandex.   The nasty letter from the American Apparel creative director points out that they always embraced the plus size community by carrying up to a 3XL in some styles. What a joke! The only things that would fit over a size 12 in that store are the gross manly beefy-Ts that should be screened for concert Ts not considered fashion.
 American Apparel, and America in general, in my humble opinion seems to glorify young, anorexic, disturbingly nubile tarted-up things so much so that that all women in the public-eye are shamed if the paparazzi catches even a tiny bit of cellulite. (see above. I mean this girl looks 14!) A star over a size 4? Stomach pooch after eating a sandwich? Start the pregnancy rumors. Sad.

There is more to life than weight, and we forget that. Women are women. Some are hot at size 6 some are hot at size 16. Good for England for letting their celebs be any size they want to be!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not your Momma's Home Shopping Network

On FoxyRoxy's endless quest for unique, high fashion looks for the plus size set we stumbled across some great pieces in the most unexpected places: home shopping networks, HSN and QVC.
For ages, they were synonymous with frumpy pant sets and collectibles. Now some of the biggest names in couture are offering affordable lines with sizes ranging up to 3X. Check out some of these celebrity looks we found:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Operation Gowns: Seeking Styles Between Prom and Mother of the Bride

It's Fall gala season in New York and that means the most formal of black tie gowns that are fit to rub elbows with all of the most famous names in town. Today's challenge is especially daunting:  to find a long gown for plus size ladies that is not mother-of-the-bride-looking , nor tacky-prom-looking. This was a bit harder than I had hoped since most of the "formal" looks are cocktail length or made of pretty cheap material.   No strapless cupcake dresses or chiffon skirt suits here either! A great one stop shop for gowns is but some of the custom gowns by Jovani, Terani and Faviana (though the BEST and most couture-looking) are expensive and take several weeks. I wanted to put together a list of red-carpet gala-worthy looks that have real quality and can fit any size AND budget. Check these out:

Rhinestone waist gown (many colors), Pacific Plex on Amazon, $169

Sears, Evanese, $94 more colors, "Belladonna", $210, "Annalisa" lace gown, $288, Night Moves, $247

Macys, Ruby Rox, $59

Macys, Ruby Rox, $109

Macys, Trixxi, $79, $89

JCrew, "Evie" Gown, More colors, $350

Vera Wang for David's Bridal, (more colors), $198