Thursday, September 15, 2011

Size 20 UK reality TV star in a monokini...and the press likes it?!

Once again, here we are back again on recurring Foxy Roxy topic: Why is the UK so much more accepting about plus-size females than the US?!
They best thing is that women over a US size 12 (UK 14) aren't event considered plus size. They are just considered as chicks. In my experience, you are either hot or not in the eyes of the Brits, size isn't discussed.
British reality star Gemma Collins was recently snapped on holiday sporting a revealing monokini, and the press has been applauding her 20lb weight loss and encourage her by referring to her as "slimmed-down". In this country, people would be outraged and this reality star would be lampooned all the way into an eating disorder.
Good for her! I applaud the fact that she is confident enough to go out on holiday in front of paparazzi in a skimpy suit and not covering herself in a tarp. I also applaud and understand the desire to lose pounds but not your curves. The fact that she wants to get to a size 12 and STOP, i think sets a healthy and realistic standard. All too often to celebs become skinny-obsessed after one unflattering picture and don;t know when to stop.
Tabloids have called her new figure "sexy"!! She is sexy, though, I don;t think monokinis look good on anyone and would have chosen a more supportive suit. But cheers to her for rocking it!
WOW!! I am impressed with you British tabloids and reality TV. Bravo! Check out the Daily Mail's Article here 

On this side of the Pond we are on the heels of the massive scandal of American Apparel's XL Model search, claiming that the zaftiq winner Nancy Upton "wasn't their demographic" and somehow defining plus-size girls as a weird sub-category of woman who is no larger than a 12 and can take pics of her "backing up her junk" in spandex.   The nasty letter from the American Apparel creative director points out that they always embraced the plus size community by carrying up to a 3XL in some styles. What a joke! The only things that would fit over a size 12 in that store are the gross manly beefy-Ts that should be screened for concert Ts not considered fashion.
 American Apparel, and America in general, in my humble opinion seems to glorify young, anorexic, disturbingly nubile tarted-up things so much so that that all women in the public-eye are shamed if the paparazzi catches even a tiny bit of cellulite. (see above. I mean this girl looks 14!) A star over a size 4? Stomach pooch after eating a sandwich? Start the pregnancy rumors. Sad.

There is more to life than weight, and we forget that. Women are women. Some are hot at size 6 some are hot at size 16. Good for England for letting their celebs be any size they want to be!!!

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