Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Over the Top Looks for Under 100 Bucks!

FoxyRoxy has received a challenge!! A friend is hoping to purchase a new black tie outfit for an awards ceremony but doesn't want the buyer's remorse. With her dilemma and all the weddings and formals cropping up, we took on this challenge with trepidation and excitement!
You can find amazing bits of glitz in "mall stores" like Claire's, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe for very little money, but finding the dress is a bit more difficult. With the help the Internet, we have found some great outfits and presented them from lowest to highest prices.
Check what we were able to do with only $100 in our pocket!
This WHOLE classic black tie look, from head to toe, is only $95!!!
Jersey Maxi Dress in Black; Jaclyn Smith; $24

 Then add a jeweled brooch at the gathering under the bust to make your $24 find much more glam....
Long Vintage Rhinestone Brooch, Bonanza, $9

Black and Rhinestone sandals,, $21.99
Diamante Clutch, Ebay, $25

Rhinestone and Jet Chandalier Earrings,, $8.99
Grey, Jet, Rhinestone Oversized Ring, Charlotte Russe, $6

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Check out these other amazing red-carpet looks for $100. Not as complete but in each case you get a stunning gown and an accessory, so will be well on your way to full-on glamor while well under budget!

Goddess Dress in Fuscia, Pacificplex; $54.99



Cross-Over Maxi Dress in Shiny Plum, Target Bridesmaid, $69.99


Halle Sequin Sandals, Mossimo, $19.99

Ruched Mermaid gown in Navy (more colors available); $81

Sexy In The City Summer: $98

Cezanne Turquoise and CZ Earrings, Dillards, $24
Large sparkly, turquoise earrings will not only make you black-tie beachy, but it picks up the blue sparkle on the waistband of this on-trend tribal print day-to-night maxi gown!

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  1. I just want to said that no matter which kind of those dress are full of style of luxury or even some best feeling of it!