Sunday, March 13, 2011

Destination: Hamptons – Preppy, Sporty and Chic

Your Dream Vacation: The Hamptons
You: Classic quality, muted colors and sophistication. You are a New Yorker and this is the one time you don't wear all black. It's a blend of labels and laid-back. You and your crew might be have your own Mercedes for the Long Island Expressway or you may be taking the Jitney bus, but either way you love to get out of the city and seek out a nice breeze and and cool house party. 
Your signature drink: Gin and Tonic or a Vodka Soda
Your designer wish-list: Coach, Prada, Tory Burch
Missphit, $59
The fashion is a lot like the houses - natural chic. Neutral tones, "greige" and other pieces that are casual cool, but still seem very high society. You need to be comfortable and look great too - you never know when you may be brunching next to Anna Wintour! The LOVE Avenue's easy breezy linen shirtdress that can be worn as a swim coverup or as belted for a day out. Day or night, Missphit's camel colored dress will suit you perfectly! It drapes like a dream to highlight amazing curves and comes with an edgy belt.
Coach, "Natalie", $398

Prada, $22/week,
The Coach and Prada accessories are fabulous ways for you to look on-trend all season long! With all the house parties, beach bumming, brunching going on you will need it! If you really get into the Hamptons scene, odds are you will be playing some mixed doubles or hitting one of Southampton's polo fields. If so, make sure you get check out the widest selection of  plus-size tennis gear by In Between here. For a perfect equestrian looks for any size, check out this collection online.  
Old Navy, "cast iron" $49
Remember that no matter what your size, you can still be a fierce, active chick! SO get back up on that horse! (I just suggest that you do not tuck in your polo shirt if you carry most of your weight in your middle. Riding gear is not at all forgiving, sadly!)
The muted grey tone of the Old Navy swim suit captures the sleek, fashion-forward feel of Calvin Klein at a fraction of the cost.  The neckline is also unique and unexpected in a world of plus-size swimsuits.

Old Navy, $15
Tory Burch ballet flats, $229
Also, you can't be a New Yorker with out some DKNY, right? So grab these flattering bootcut jeans to go with your flowy linen blouses, tight-fitting polos and curve hugging tanks, all summer long! Try it with this classic, nautical striped tee from Old Navy.  Add a  long gold necklace and some Tory Burch flats to any of these outfits and you are ready for all the excitement the Hamptons might bring your way!
Avenue, Linen Shirtdress, $49

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