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Holiday in the Sun: Diets,Dance and Deals on Couture Duds -Get ready for the beach!

Hello there sexy ladies! No, this blog post has nothing to do with the Sex Pistols song, but it would be admittedly cooler if it did. It's about winter daydreaming and with all those orbitz and travelzoo sale emails, planning fantasy vacations is so easy. If you are anything like me (and don't live in a summery locale) you are so sick of this winter! I usually love fall/winter so that I can wear cute tights, boots, and sweaters. I am over it.

All I can do these days is dream of nice warm places I can escape to...and all the amazing stuff I can wear! Tune in this week for features each day on the travel style-picks for different destinations: Miami, Hawaii, French Riviera, Hamptons and a Mediterranean Cruise!

This post is about what to do beforehand to get beach-ready!

I suggest that the first thing you do before heading on your sunny vacation is grab the lotion and an incredible new pair of shades. I am obsessed with designer shades, but I have found some incredible ones for $5 on the street too. As long as they look so glamorous on that you don't want to take them off, then you are set. I have cherry picked a few of my favorite pairs to inspire you - from classic glamour to funky, beachy colors:
Tom Ford, "Miranda" $258 (my all time faves!)
Chanel, "Havana" $339

Emilio Pucci, Aqua Gradient, $360

If you want to try out slick designer shades, but are having some sticker shock go immediately to and RENT  the hottest new couture accessories!


OK and now for a list of things you need to remember to get done before getting on that flight, aside from picking your best beachwear. 
1. Build that base! Weather you like the tanning booth or spray tan, hit the tanning salon and banish that pasty, winter skin. Since I can tan easily, I am a fan of high pressure tanning beds. Just 1 or two 12-min. sessions and I have a nice glow.  Spray tanning is a bit more tricky because you have to pick a shade that will work with your coloring. Spray tans do NOT have to make you Jersey-shore-orange - they actually have very light colors, perfect for people with fair, sensitive skin that freckles instead of tans. Ask you salon for help choosing a color and always go one shade lighter than you think, because you can always go in for one more coat if you need it.

2. Get ready for the swimsuit! Foxy Roxy is all about loving one's curves -no matter what size. As long as you are healthy and happy, who cares what the tag says?! That being said, if you want to look a bit more svelte before hitting the sand, I have a few tried and true ideas.
  •  First of all, DO NOT take diet pills or try some fasting gimmick. It is unhealthy and will actually slow you metabolism later. Instead, I am a huge fan of the Special K two week challenge to lose a quick 6 lbs or try  The Rice Diet - on which I who have failed at every diet on earth-  lost 20 pounds in 1 month!! It was also great to cleanse my palate and get me to appreciate eating right.  No smoking, caffeine, booze, sodium, meat or processed food for 1 month was actually easier than it sounds because I got results within 3 days.  Go to to calculate what your resting metabolic rate is and see what you can eat to lose what you want.  
  • Move that body! Want a fun way to tone while learning hot new dance moves before vacation? Take up Zumba! A mix of latin, hip-hop and music video dancing you have a blast while blasting through up to 900 calories a class!!  Find a class near you at Beware: this class can kick your ass. Stay hydrated and take a breather when you need it. 
  • Don't care what the scale says, but want to smooth out a few lumps and bumps? Here is a quick fix for cellulite. Even gals who are a size 2 have cellulite and it is the most stubborn thing to deal with. This is the best that I have tried that give good results in a few weeks but the results are not permanent sadly. With Ionithermie you can lose inches of water weight and smooth out dimples in only 1 session! It is expensive but you get far better/faster results than many endermologie massage treatments that are equally pricey. I lost 2 inches off my thighs in 1 hour, but it only lasts a few weeks until water weight creeps back, unless you do sessions regularly. Find a salon in your area here. They are around $150 per session and all you feel is warm vibration after they wrap you in magic mud and electric pads.  It's a little annoying but virtually painless
  • Body wraps are great for smoother, firmer skin and an inch or two of water weight loss in a day but beware of the "at home' kit gimmicks. None of them work. I have tried many.  Instead find a salon near you that does inch loss body wraps - they are both effective and soothing. The warm heat is relaxing your skin is left smooth and supple. 
  • Exfoliate! You have been in dry winter weather and it's time to give your body some luster. Make your own body scrub  that energizes and smoothes your skin using coffee grounds. Freshly exfoliated skin is best to get even results if you use self tanners, too. There are many scrubs out there but I thought it'd be cool to give you an idea that can be made with stuff you have in your pantry - saving you more money for pina coladas!
  • Wax. I shouldn't even need to tell you this. You have been bundled up under so many layers for so long you just may have forgotten about your trusting waxing lady, but time to giver her a call. Seriously. For sensitive skin try hard wax instead of wax with strips. 
  • Hot, Hot Feet! Either at home or in a salon, time to do a quick mani/pedi so you are sandal-ready. Go wild with Minx Nail decals (check out my beauty review in January) or paint on a bold hue. Right now I am obsessed with juicy shades of neon watermelon red - a few of which you can find at the drugstore by Sally Hansen. 
Now that you look your absolute foxiest, get ready for my destination style and swimwear guides this week!! 

Damn girl. You look as hot as the Miami sun!

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