Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FoxyRoxy FashionPlate: Rocker and Cosmetics mogul, Yana Chupenko

I must say that I am very proud to call Miss May, Yana Chupenko, my friend! She is beautiful, talented, confident, fierce and one of the few other female metal fans I know. Every time I see her she is rocking another outrageous and glamorous look, which is why I made her this month's FoxyRoxy FashionPlate!! 

Name: Yana ‘Shiny Mama’ Chupenko
Hometown:   NYC
Occupation: Cosmetics Guru owner of Shiny Mama Beauty and Entertainer
    •    What is one item of clothing you would never part with?Well one is definitely a BRA!!!!  Then I would say definitely a nice pair of wide leg dress pants.
    •    What is your biggest fashion splurge ever?Once instead of paying rent I bought a vintage white Mongolian lamb floor length coat.  It was and still is a treasure.
    •    When do you feel your sexiest?You know it’s all mental perception, but when I am all dolled up and feeling the Amazonian fierceness on stage, when performing.  Love of an audience is like no other. It’s uplifting.
    •    What is your morning beauty routine?In recent years it’s very simple shower, brush teeth, moisturize.
    •    5 things you’d take on a deserted island: bra, mascara, sun block, a hat, and a knife
    •    Biggest fashionista moment? (i.e. a red carpet event, meeting a style icon, shopping spree, photo shoots, etc.) Well I’ve had a few in each category.  Believe it or not people judge and perceive you by your sense of style as well in this oh so superficial world.  The way you dress is an extension of your personality and talents.
I have been blessed with a very personal sense of style and I don’t care about trends really.  I mix and match and create my own look.  You have to know yourself and know what will look ok and what to stay away from.
Just because it’s a trend – does not mean it’s for you.  You can incorporate a trend into your existing look as accessories.  Mix it up.  When in doubt you can never go wrong with classics.
    •    Everyone has a guilty pleasure, dance anthem that can be cranked up and brighten any mood. What’s yours?Well I am a complete metal-head and an old punk any Ronnie James Dio will brighten up my day.  I can always go for Bad Brains and Ramones.
    •    If you could have a cocktail with any woman, alive or dead, who would she be?Wow there are quite a few.  I am a complete old film buff so Bette Davis is one of them.  Eleanor Roosevelt.  Cleopatra.  Catherine the Great.  Alive - I’d say Ann Wilson would be a cool pick.
    •    Sadly, the obsession over body image is everywhere these days and being over a size 12 can be hard for many young women to deal with. What advice would you give to these girls?Oh youth with its insecurities in general, plus the baggage of being a bigger gal can really do a number on a young girl’s confidence for sure.  Well break that shell and stop cowering and hiding.   
You will be judged no matter what – so develop a BRAIN and INDEPENDENT  PERSONALITY which outshines any physical aspect.  If you are an educated, well rounded person who is interesting- that is what people gravitate towards.  Develop your own sense of style and don’t apologize for anything.  It’s always good to have an extra “Go f*&ck yourself” in your pocket... LOL!!
There is beauty in any size, and as long as your weight does not effect your health in a negative way...screw every preconceived notion of size 0 as a standard to strive for. 
A woman has to develop her intelligence and not rely solely on her looks, which fade in time anyway. 
    •    To you, “Foxy” means…Certainly Sexy.  Smart. Independent, Strong.  Alluring. Quick minded.  HOT God dang it!!

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  1. I've known Yana Chupenko for many years and she was one of my dearest friends back in the good ole' days of the early '80s to this day. She has always been an absolute beauty with tremendous talent. By the way, she didn't lick it up off the floor; take a look at her parents' photos on FB.... Two gorgeous people and absolutely great personalities Love you Yanka
    Deirdre Mullen