Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing the first "FoxyRoxy FashionPlate": Carly Obrycki

I am proud to announce a new feature that is sure to entertain, educate and empower you! Each month FoxyRoxy will pick one amazing woman who embodies what it means to be a fierce, fearless and foxy woman over a size 12. They all answer the same 10 questions, but with her individual wisdom, wit and flare.
Our first "FashionPlate" truly earns the title because she just learned style tips from the experts - Clinton Kelly and Stacy London! You may recognize her from last week's episode of TLC's "What Not To Wear."  I thought it was so refreshing to see a woman on TV finally tell the world "if you got it flaunt it." Without further ado...

Meet April’s FoxyRoxy Fashion Plate:
Name: Carly Obrycki
Hometown: Jersey City NJ           
Occupation: at home mom, currently seeking employment
1.    What is one item of clothing you would never part with?
Really not too attached to clothes, always open to change, however, I would hate to see my leopard print cocktail dress leave my wardrobe.

2.    What is your biggest fashion splurge ever? My biggest fashion splurge was my What Not To Wear shopping spree

3.    When do you feel your sexiest? I feel sexiest in my red pumps, they make me want to find a runway and work it!!!!!! :)

        What is your morning beauty routine? My morning beauty routine is still not "routine"' but before I walk out the door, I say to myself, "hmmm what if Stacy and Clinton were hiding behind the bushes somewhere" resulting in Carly having all bases covered!

5.    5 things you’d take on a deserted island:
(1) lip gloss
    (2) baby wipes
    (3) agood book
    (4) a blanket
    (5) a lighter

6.   Biggest fashionista moment? (i.e. a red carpet event, meeting a style icon, shopping spree, photo shoots, etc.) My biggest fashionista moment was revealing my WNTW makeover to my friends and family. Especially my kids, I love for them to be just as proud of what their Mommy looks like on the outside as well as the person I am on the inside.

7.    Everyone has a guilty pleasure, dance anthem that can be cranked up and brighten any mood. What’s yours? No doubt about it, RICK JAMES "BRICKHOUSE"

8.    If you could have a cocktail with any woman, alive or dead, who would she be? Although I would love to sip with Cleopatra and find out if Julius Caesar really was the "baby daddy" I would definitely opt for a cocktail with Oprah, she is ABSOLUTELY, AMAZINGLY, INSPIRING.

9.    Sadly, the obsession over body image is everywhere these days and being over a size 12 can be hard for many young women to deal with. What advice would you give to these girls?
           I worked with a girl younger than me that constantly picked on herself and obsessed with her size 18 frame,
  I looked her in the eyes and said sweetie whoever thinks you re too big, obviously does not hve the equipment to handle the job!!!! Seriously though, you have to embrace who you are, don't waste time comparing yourself to others, use that time to look and feel so good about yourself, that people will compare themselves to you instead! As plus size women, we posess a plus size beauty! Mae West said it best "Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous, but they won't be avoided.

1.    To you, “Foxy” means… You can be a mother, sister, grandma, daughter,corporate woman or a houswife, as long as you can be clever!If you can walk down the street and smile, get smiles in return while people can think to themselves.... "WOW, WHOS THAT LADY, AND I WONDER WHAT SHES UPTO"! THAT IS FOXY!

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