Saturday, June 4, 2011

Donne Voluttuose Sono Sexy!

Sorry for the hiatus FoxyRoxy Readers, but this fox has been on the hunt for good times and good fashions all over the globe. I am currently in Italy where I must say I have fallen in love. No, not with smooth talking Italian, but with their general way of life.

In italy it is all about life, love and beauty. Part of this love of life also comes a love of curves. Though I feel pretty good about my size 14/16 frame despite absurd American standards, every girl needs an ego boost now and again. Well ladies, pack your bags for Italy (or Ireland) where they are the most appreciative of voluptuous women.

Donne Voluttuose Sono Sexy! Translation: Voluptuous women are sexy!

Most all Italian stores carry plus sizes, fine lingerie stores carry very few bras under a C-cup, and men in their 30's are fans of clapping when curvy women pass by. In america, these women might sadly get jeered for having a fat ass, but on this side of the pond, hot guys buy them drinks or chase them down on Vespas. (yes, this has actually happened to me.)

The adoration of women with big assets doesn't end with the guys on the street. I was stunned and yet proud to see that Vogue Italia on the stands featuring scantily clad "plus-size" cover models. First off, I think it is sad that the modeling world classifies these women as overweight since they look just plain hot to me (and evidently Italy).

Leave it to American blogs to rain on this parade saying that there was not enough fashion shown on the cover, that it is glorifying an unhealthy body type or that Vogue Italia is just trying to be shocking. When US mags feature naked anorexic celebs on countless covers, however, no one says a thing. To me nude and a size zero is both a lack of fashion and a glorification of unhealthy body types.

Eh, they are just jealous that when they visit Italy, they don't get flowers and phone numbers from sexy strangers like my stacked sistas.

Ciao Bellas!!


  1. The Itallians have it right, curvy women should be seen as sexy and not those horribly flat celebrities that are always on the magazine covers

  2. Thanks Jane K! Please become a follower of this blog and spread the word. Curvy women UNITE!