Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rock Summer Festivals like a VIP

It's summer and more than the beach, I am getting excited for music festival season. I missed Coachella this year, but I will be off to England to take in some sweet acts from the VIP tent. Lucky me! I was able to score VIP experience tickets since I got them months in advance. Open bar, grub, cool Brits, and above-average port-a-potties - which is key! OK OK, so I won't be getting the camp-in-the-mud street cred, but I am a little old for the Woodstock thing.  Regardless where your tickets are, you should still rock some celeb-style, because it is fun and there are always some sexy prospects for a summer fling.

Aside for my love of music, festivals bring out my love of bizarre summer fashions that I would never normally sport.  For some reason, music festival fashion to me is always slightly hippie-ish. I try to do a blend of modern-neutrals, trendy accent-color, and some tough rocker accessories.

Here are some of the finds that I will be rocking as I rock out:
1.  Start with a hippie/rocker fringe bag that is big enough to carry everything you need: sunscreen, water and even a rolled up bed sheet. Smaller and lighter to pack yet bigger to sit on with your friends on the grass.

2. Sure, usually I'd opt for low-rise cropped jeans and a sexy tank from but for a more VIP look I am going to add a sundress that is cool, breezy and fashionable. Here are my favorite picks that fit, flatter and look super-chic:
Jazz up this tunic with neon yellow or green. £22
Gap, Cascade dress, $69

Gap's neutral wrap dress goes up to a size 20. I think this is the most crave-worthy, modern style of the season and goes with anything!
Old Navy's maxi dress is made of comfy jersey material and the bright tribal print is very on-trend for Summer 2011. Also comes in black with gold beads.

3. Add fresh, bright colors to make it really young and fun - perfect for a summer fest!
Aside from my hot pink or coral shiny lip gloss, I really like these funk accessories:, Great to cinch plain jersey dresses! Try it with navy. 
coral plastic bangles, $13
Bongo, Ombre blue and purple shades, $12.95
4. Finsh off with some rocker edge with leather and studs. These wedge flip-flops are comfortable while still giving you the leg lift you need to look your legs look their best!, Gypsy Soule wedges $228

La Mer Studded Watch, $106. Best way to keep track of time and make sure you don't miss your fave band's set!

Now all you need are your tickets, friends, some cash, and a coat of self-tanner to give your self a base before heading out doors!
Rock on, my foxy ladies!! 

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