Thursday, September 27, 2012

Challenge 1: Day to Night skirts for Fall

Hanging out with a friend of mine she was expressing her need for more skirts that can be dressed up or down but without sequins. We are ON it! Here are some skirts that look great day or night!

But first for helpful answers for your fashion quandaries:

How do a wear a skirt in the fall and keep warm?
Tights! You need to consider proportion however so you don't cut your legs off in an unflattering manner. For instance, unless you are very tall or plan on wearing boots, do not wear footless leggings. Showing just an ankle of skin cuts the line of sight and make you look shorter.
Another rule of thumb: the shorter the skirt the taller the boots you can wear. The longer the skirt the shorter the boot shaft or wear regular shoes. Knee-high boots and a below the knee skirt just looks too dowdy and old for a fox like you!

I have a dressy skirt (think lace, velvet or embellished). How can it be dressed down for weekend brunch or a casual day?
1. A cropped jean jacket that hits just above your waist is always the easiest way to dress down any outfit

2. Roll up your sleeves and add a thin infinity scarf and you are set for casual cool! The scarf can be patterned but should be in the same color family as your skirt or your boots/tights. Think of it like bookending your torso with similar hues so it makes one cohesive look. See Nicole Richie's black scarf/tights combo or Pixie Geldof's Burgundy scarf and skirt combo.
Nicole Richie

Pixie Geldof

Wanna play it safe?  Go monochromatic and use the scarf as a pop of color like Rachel Bilson....

3. Add a hobo bag and cool shades for that laid-back VIP style

4. What to wear on your legs and feet? Do solid tights if the skirt is patterned, but if not, you can be daring with textured tights in a solid color. Slouchy boots, ankle boots, casual low wedges and ballet flats always do the trick.

I have a casual skirt (think jean or corduroy). How can it can be dressed up for a day at the office or a cocktail party? 
1. Jean skirts are rarely appropriate for the office, but if it is a dark wash pencil skirt, you can pair it with a tailored blazer, chunky jewelry and pointy-toe pumps or dress boots.

2. Sparkles!! Add glittering layers of necklaces, a big cocktail ring or a dressy cardigan to get instant glamour for a night out. It's a great mix of laid back and sexy glam for a date!

3. Dressy textiles! Have a plain black jersey or corduroy skirt or some dark denim? Add a silky jewel-tone top, rich cashmeres, or lace tights to bring your day skirt right into party time.

4. Dressy boots with embellishments like fringe, lace, metallics, or thin heels look great with any skirt, but you can also opt for your favorite party shoes and a clutch bag.

And now for our favorite versatile (non sequined) skirts....
On trend and you can wear anywhere!! A Lane Bryant, Leather pencil skirt, $54

Target, Ponte Knit Miniskirt in 3 colors, $24

Levi's, "Perfectly Shaping" skirt in
Indigo wash, $24.99

Lane Bryant, Metallic Denim, $49.95

Icon Apparel, Red "All Night" textured skirt (also in black and khaki), $24

Torrid, Black Lace Shirred mini, $31, XCVI Peasant Skirt, $75

Kiss Therapy, black wash denim, $35
The MOST versatile! Old Navy, Corduroy pencil ( in 5 colors), $29.95

Target, Sweater Skirt (also in black/white), $24.99

As always, if you have other plus size quests and questions, please email us at

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  1. I had a Mini Skirt and offen match my coat. the Mens Double Breasted Black Trench Coat was my friend gived me as a gift.