Thursday, September 27, 2012

Treats for Curvy Tricks...uh, we mean Chicks

Cat Walk Kitty, $59.99

Every Halloween, us plus size ladies have to sift through the usual suspects of bagged sexy costumes and hope that they will look flattering. Here are the FoxyRoxy picks for the best looking costumes for ladies who want to look sexy but not over exposed. Some of the new costumes are unique enough for you to be the best dressed at the party too! I bought both Gypsy Maiden and Bat Girl and they look amazing on! Even the thigh-high boot covers fit perfectly! Most fit up to a size 20/22.

Golden Warrior,, $59.99

Gypsy Maiden, $59.99

BatGirl, $59.99
Buccaneer Beauty, $44.99

Burlesque Beauty, $119.00

Can Can Girl, $59.99

Hooded Robe Costume, $39.99

Mystical Sorceress, $174.99

Fly Me to The Moon, $34.99

Pocahottie,, $49.99 

Viking Princess, $149.99

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  1. Oh like cosplays who in a coat. i'm the possession of a Men Sheepskin Leather Down Coat. i bought from lastyear