Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning Part 2- The "After" pictures

Ok so I didn't post pics of the closet before my serious spring overhaul, but imagine disaster area of designer duds in heaps. Tragic. After several hours and large order of Elfa shelving from Container Store, my friend and professional organizer Joelle turned my life around!
I am so glad I found her! There is no way I could have done it without her - it was hard enough for me to part with so many pieces of my wardrobe and categorize what I own. My closet for the first time in my life is like a Sex in the City dream with perfectly organized places for all of my clothing, designer bags, shades and even a whole 'boutique" section of shelving for my 56 pairs of shoes! Check it out:
The left side. Check the 2nd tier of hanging space for gowns

Center of walk in - Check out those bags!

The shoe "boutique" - I will soon install a black drape and sconce.

Live in the NYC area and want this fabulous, affordable service?

Check out Joelle's info here:

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