Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oooh Shiny Objects!!

Stunning Christmas red for only $28!!! 
OK so I may love metal music, muscle cars, Jack Daniels and other things that make me a bit tomboyish, but when I see anything glittering in the holiday window displays, I just turn into a little 5 year old girl!!

A message to all boyfriends who may be reading this: Shiny things rule!!! They wonder and amaze women and cats alike and always make me feel fierce, special and festive. Pretty universally if it sparkles, we will like it for a gift whether it's $5 or $500. Price doesn't matter as long as it's shiny and fun. Who doesn't like to get glam? Especially during the holidays when everything seems to twinkle. 

Only $20!!!
So when I went in search of a big, statement rhinestone necklace to pair with my Leopard dress for New Year's Eve, I went to the Garment District in NYC to one of the many costume jewelry stores. I found myself entranced by zillions of Swarovski crystals in crazy shapes and sizes, but the honeymoon was over once I saw the price tags.  

I feel that gaudy jewelry is amazing but I may not wear it enough to sink a huge investment in it and the vintage stores are priced more for antique stores rather than thrift stores. 

This is the one I bought for New Year's Eve. Dazzling! Only $48.00
Just when my hopes were dashed I found WhimZ Accessories! They are THE BEST FIND for jaw-dropping glitz on the web!! They had all the wild necklace designs, rhinestones and variety that the NYC stores had but for a quarter of the price. I thought that there had to be a catch. Was this a scam that will take ages to be delivered or in crappy condition once I got it? Was it going to be light like Halloween jewelry? 

Shown in Lavender for only $20
WhimZ WAS AMAZING!!!  I got a gorgeous necklace and earring set for UNDER $50 and it arrived in only a few days. Once I opened the box I got two big surprises: 
1) the quality was incredible- heavy set with great rhinestones
2) they sent me a FREE gift! I have no idea what qualified me for a gift but like a mystical fairy godmother, they knew exactly what I wanted and gifted me with rhinestone all-time essential. 

I couldn't be more pleased with WhimZ Accessories and urge you to deck yourself for the holidays in all their glitter and glam OR check them out for affordable gifts that will floor any recipient! 
Teal for $48

LOOK! They even have rings, brooches and bracelets....

Swoon!! Purple Peacock bracelet! $48

Still want some more sparkle, glamour girl? Then check out my girl Yana's gorgeous ShinyMama makeup now available on Etsy here:
The glitter pots and sliver/gold eye liner make wonderful stocking stuffers!!

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  1. WOW!!! Unfortunally they send products only in USA...